Sunday, 20 March 2011

Oh dear......

Mmmmm it's been one of those weekends.

Firstly, I did this....

I left my crochet hook embedded in the crochet on the sofa and then sat on it!!! Ooops. Much as I love them, there is an obvious disadvantage to bamboo hooks!!

Yesterday we went out into the Yorkshire Dales to make the most of the splendid Spring sunshine that was promised, only to find that Grassington and surrounding area was bathed in....grey cloud. Well that is not strictly true. We had a little sunshine but it didn't last long. Still, we had a lovely time....

Little S had a fabulous time running up and down hills, counting lambs and throwing pebbles into the river.

I had planned to take photos of a couple of gorgeous little shops I had seen in Grassington at the start of our hike.......but I'm afraid this was the last picture as the battery went dead halfway through the walk!!! Grrrrr

Today I decided to do some baking (dodgy photo alert).....

Flapjacks that crumbled and broke up.......scones that didn't rise. However, both taste very good so not such a disaster.

But my circle in square blanket is going very well and slowly growing. These photos were taken a little while ago and I have 100 squares now.....only another 100 to go. Oh dear! xxx


  1. Gorgeous blanket! I'm making a circle-in-a-square too... but very slowly! Thanks for visiting us. Laura x PS: I fancy those colourful aluminium hooks that you see around. Surely a broken hook is the perfect excuse to splash out :)

  2. Your hike looks like a lovely one and the blanket is coming along nicely indeed. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  3. Oh that blanket looks yummy! And I'm absolutely jealous of your beautiful outing. You get an "A" for effort with all that baking. I bet it was almost as yummy as that blanket.

  4. Helo,this is beautiful crochet!


  5. Broken hooks aside that blanket is so lovely - I'm just starting out on my crocheting and am full of admiration for your beautiful squares

  6. What wonderful countryside, I love to see something so different from our scenery. Your blanket looks wonderful as well.

  7. Oh your circle in square blanket is so pretty. I really love the pastel color combination squares, they just pop!

  8. Yesterdays weather was gorgeous wasn't it, roll on summer !! I love your blanket its beautiful. xx

  9. Andrea, this blanket is going to be amazing!

  10. Tis a shame about the hook but the blanket looks amazing!

  11. Some days you just wish you could go back to bed and start all over again.... But the blanket really does look amazing. Great colour combination. C.x

  12. Fabulous photographs and BEAUTIFUL quilt : )

  13. Hi Andrea
    Over here in Australia, my husband and I have been enjoying DVDs of coa st to coast walks in Yorkshire. We both love the countryside there. Your walk looks great. Love the blanket.

  14. Andrea

    Gorgeous shots of Yorkshire, many of my ancestors came from that county.

    I am new to your blog, love your blanket, just the thing when spring is cooler in the North.

  15. Loved seeing pictures of where you live! It always looks so romantic and magical in the UK! And wow, the blanket looks stunning, great work!

  16. Countryside looks fantastic - what a lovely walk you must have had - looks bright and sunny from the photos.
    Baking looks delish - its what they taste like that matters
    Love the colours in your blanket - is going ot be a beauty when its finished.
    Thanks for your comments, glad your sister loves her book and her new childrens one too - its great when you get patterns included, they are so expensive now.
    Tried ringing re Amy Butler fabrics friday morning several times but only answer phone - they were still advertising the deal then - my pc messing around with mail except at the moment Will try again later
    have a great day!

  17. I recognise many on the places in your photos, we love the Grassington/Grass wood area and walk there a lot. You at least got photos of your flapjacks, I didn't get a chance before they were scoffed by my lot :)

  18. So the flapjacks were secretly granola...?


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