Friday, 25 March 2011

Ladies of the canyon

When I started blogging at the end of last year, I thought that perhaps this would be an opportunity to show some of my craft work. I didn't give a thought to what I would get out of blogging. What it has done for me is make me feel part of an amazing group of women - some of whom I almost feel I know........

women who make things for their loved ones...


women who make things for their homes....

Yes!!!! A crochet carpet!

and crochet loo accessories!

ah that's more like it!
 women who are always creating tasty things for the family to eat....

women who tend their gardens....

while looking after their appearance....

A friend recently asked what blogging was like and I said....

It is like a virtual Ladies of the Canyon....

For all you lovely, lovely ladies who put beauty into your world (and mine).

Have a beautiful weekend xxx


  1. Have a lovely weekend too Andrea! Your post is beautiful :)

  2. My sentiments exactly Andrea - lovely track never heard it before - but I have now.

    Have a great weekend too.X

    Ps Do you know where I can get some plain linen type material in off white - cheap!!

  3. Hilarious! And lovely. I LOVE Joni Mitchell and this track is just great. Clearly a crochet stair carpet should be my next project now that I've got all your lovely hooks and roll. I reckon it should take no more than ten years...
    Have a lovely weekend too. Cx.

  4. Many thanks for the fabric tip Andrea. I had never heard of that place - trouble is I want about 8mtrs to re-cover seats in my conservatory, doesn't really have to be linen - just white or pale cream and washable.

  5. Hope you have a great weekend too, Andrea!

  6. I wish that lady with the sewing machine would look at what she is doing before she has an accident.

    Funny post, thank you Andrea x

  7. What a neat post. I love all the vintage photos you found. I hope you'll have a new weekend too. :-)

  8. OOH I like The Remnant House, that will come in useful. I keep waiting for Ian Mankin to open a factory shop, so far no luck.

    Thank you x

  9. The blogging community are such a wonderful bunch of people, aren't they? I was so upset recently when I found out that my mum had thrown out all her lovely old knitting patterns just like the ones you show in your post, along with all the lovely Christmas decorations I remember from my childhood, I would have loved them.

  10. I wish that was my tractor.

  11. Have a great weekend, you are great!

  12. If I made some of those things for my loved ones they'd soon go right off me!

  13. Thanks foR the memories those pattern books bring. My Mother made garments like that!!
    Like you, I'm enjoying meeting bloggers.

  14. Hahaha, great post Andrea! Have a lovely weekend too, with a lot of spring sunshine.
    love, Maaike

  15. Fantastic post! I adore the crochet bathroom rugs, so much fun.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane and the sentiment. You bring a smile to my heart...

  16. Fantastic! I love the little baby bonnet with horns the best, though the man-snood is also very lovely. And if I had enough yarn, I would sit down right now to crochet a rug, yes I would. :)

  17. I've just properly laughed out loud at the "Helmets for Men", Oh they are too funny, I have the urge to make one! I'm a bit cross that i laughed out loud because I may have scuppered my secret time. Secret time is where I pretend I'm asleep when it's my turn for a lay in and then I do some quiet crochet/blogging/stitching/diary writing. But now I've guffawed and the baby monitor is on. I hope Mr Cuckoo doesn't take that as his cue to send my two mud thugs up to turf me out of bed!

    Wish I'd seen the stair runner before I forked out a small fortune for a Roger Oates one, I could have whipped one up out of stylecraft ;oD


  18. What a wonderful description - thank you for all you bring to the canyon!

  19. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  20. love the helmets for men, Andrea, what a hoot! isn't blogging the best...have met some lovely people, who i share thoughts, worries and laughs with..... couldn't be without it now

  21. Hi Andrea, thanks for popping in at my blog. This post has just made me laugh out loud! Do you think anyone actually made the pointy red girls hat and thought they were going out looking fab?!!! Or were there some seriously psychopathic mothers out there?!! Although it has to be said my mum made us some spectacularly awful things as kids which we must have worn as there is photographic evidence - the worst being the hideous matching pinafores my sister and I were dressed in, made from recycled 1970's orange and brown curtains, I can still remember the scratchy feel of the fabric!

  22. Hahaha)))
    very funny hats, and old posters)) thanks)

  23. OMG Andrea, what fantastic pictures!!!
    It's hard to imagine anyone taking those crochet patterns seriously isn't it, but someone must have bought them and even MADE them!!!
    Love this post, it is so clever, just like you cos I've just seen your fantastic crochet blanket and now I want to make one!!!!!!
    Blogging is fantastic, and not at all what I expected once I started joining in and having my own!


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