Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Staying afloat

Hello dear friends!
Despite your wonderfully encouraging and much appreciated comments on my last post I still couldn't get it together to post again until now. Depression has stuck again and any of you out there who wrestle with that particular beast will know how debilitating it can be. Odd that the last time I was in such a dark place blogging really helped...this time I haven't been able to get interested in anything much. But I have really (and I mean really) missed being part of the Canyon Ladies and have decided that even if my posts are teeny weeny and bland, it is better for me to post than to not. I sometimes think I set myself up to fail by thinking that I have to post something super-interesting and wonderful, full of all the amazing things I have been making. Well it doesn't always work out like that and if I wait for that to happen I might never post again! Then I feel guilty for not posting and so I stop visiting all you lovely, talented people because it reminds me that I am not making gorgeous things and posting about them. And then I feel like a failure. And so it goes on. So this is me saying Hello!, still here and waving not drowning.

Have a lovely week xxx