Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Little grey

Happy Tuesday ladies and thank you for your lovely responses to my previous post!
Well all the decs are now gone :( . I'm always sad to see my tree go but actually it is sort of nice to get back to normal. The boy is totally blissed out with his presents, especially THE Lego camper van. It was the only thing he has evr asked for, as he usually says that he will be happy with anything Santa brings (yes he still believes in Santa!!). This Lego set is for a 16 plus years so we thought it may take him a few days to finish.....
Lego camper van - the beginning.....
Five hours of solid Lego-ing later.....

So all done in just five hours. Now he just spends a lot of time looking at it!
But enough of the Lego! Let's get to the really interesting part, which is about what I have been making!!
We got a new baby boy in the family a few months ago and I decided to make a blanket (no surprises there). What I did though was to try out a different colourway. This blanket is grey and a sort of off-white and I think it looks rather Scandinavian. I love it but I'm not sure the new mama likes it so much...ah well. What do you think?

Have a lovely week! xx
Oops! Forgot to say that the basic hearts pattern came from here at  Ravelry