Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Frabjous day!

"Then you should say what you mean," the March Hare went on. "I do," Alice hastily replied, "at least - at least I mean what I say - that's the same thing, you know."
Lewis Carroll   

I found this stunning print by deebeale on Folksy! I have a thing about hares and have several prints around my house. Not sure why I like them so much, but there you are.

It is a frabjous day here in Yorkshire. I spent a little time earlier sitting in a very sunny, very breezy, slightly cool garden. I didn't mind the breeze or the low temperature as it was so nice to feel some sun on my skin....wonderful!

I made some grannies for Hawthorn's project - making blankets for those in Japan who have lost everything. Five done so far....

If you think you can help this project, then please visit 11am and Hawthorn will send you details of where to send your squares. If you can't crochet, then knitted squares are fine too. Really, even just a couple would make a difference.

And I had a little look through a copy of Country Homes magazine and saw this spread...

...crocheted tables....knitted lamp shades.....felted cushions...in fact, all manner of crafty loveliness. I am not a regular reader of magazines but it did make me happy to see all of this stuff. Of course, we crafty ladies have always known the beauty of crafty things.

But the best part of today so far has been getting this award from the lovely Claire of no knitted knickers!.....


Thank you Claire. I am very happy to receive this and really appreciate the sentiments behind it. It is wonderful to know that out there in the blogosphere there are people who like this tiny little corner of the virtual world!

Now I have to nominate blogs I like with under 100 followers. This is the tricky bit as all the blogs I admire and visit regularly are listed below. But, in the spirit of the award.....(and in no particular order).....

The Villa Vanilla - lots of beautiful children, home made bread and yarny things...lovely

Andamento - rural gorgeousness

Little Tin Bird- scrummy yarny-ness in Heatherland

East of Eden - a lovely, cosy crochet corner

11am - not only lovely things but very funny too

I know some of you don't like the whole award culture, but I think it is a lovely way to be introduced to great new places to visit. And we all know that we have lots of favourites and that the real 'award' is in supporting them.

Enjoy the rest of your week! xxx

PS Thank you so much for all the lovely, lovely comments about my blanket and also the little felt elephant (he has already found a home)! x


  1. Congratulations on the award. I've been reading back through your previous posts and thoroughly enjoyed them. I'm in West Yorkshire too. I love the crochet blankets you've made, I was shown how to crochet by my grandma when I was a child but I can't remember a thing of it now.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you! they are beautiful, and you have been busy in the spring sunshine - and thank you for the award!! Wow :)did I mention thankyou?

  3. A while ago I decided to re-learn the poem Jabberwocky (I could vaguely remember it from school) and every now and again I test myself to see if I can still recall it. The title of this post has reminded me all over again!!

    I'm in West Yorkshire too, loving the gorgeous weather we're having at the mo!

  4. Congratulations on the award! I love the hare print :)

  5. Andrea, I'm so excited, thank you so much!!! I haven't blogged very long and sometimes I've wondered if there is anything in my blog that interests anyone else but me... So needless to say I'm thrilled. You are great!

  6. Ah! My first ever blog award! Thank you so much! I'm honored to be included!

    I also LOVE seeing crochet in magazines! It's such an underrated craft, but I've been seeing a lot more lately. Yay!

  7. Hi Andrea, thank you very much for the award, so nice to be thought of, much appreciated! Love your hare print, I've admired these on other blogs too.

  8. Hi Andrea, thanks for the Hawthorne link. I'm in... xjosie

  9. I have just come across your blog today. I saw that crochet article - it seems to be spreading into the clothes shops too!
    I just finished my granny squares for Australia...I didn't know there was a similar appeal for Japan. Something else to add to the list!

  10. Ha ha haaaa! i've just awarded you the liebster award too, should have known you'd already been awarded it! xxx

  11. Hi Andrea!
    Glad you've been sharing in the sunshine too! Isnt it wonderful being able to catch a few rays whilst creating?
    Thanks for your lovely comment, and congratulations to you on your Award!!!!!!
    I love your blog too!!!
    Am looking forward to visiting your awardees - the good thing about these awards is that it does introduce everyone involved to more lovely blogs!
    Have a great day - will look into the Hawthorn project it sounds a great idea
    Gill x

  12. Hasn't the weather been fantastic for tea and crochet outside? I have images of bloggers up and down the country sat outside crocheting/knitting/sewing outside in the sunshine, cup of tea and maybe slice of cake close at hand. Bliss. x


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