Sunday, 15 July 2012

Finished blanket!

(and pretending to be uber creative whilst not blogging but actually having been doing nothing much)

Ahem....anyone there? I do hope so. Despite my long absence it would be nice to think that someone somewhere will read this!
I hope all you ladies are doing well and those in the UK have managed to find some sunshine. It is a sunny morning here in my patch of Yorkshire and was almost felled by a migraine on opening the back door this morning, so unused am I to sunshine!

I have been trying to find my creative mojo and I am not sure that I really have yet. I have had problems with my thyroid and I think that has contributed to a feeling of almost total inertia. I have had little bursts of making things, not hardly anything in the way of finishing them! However, I have completed a blanket I started some time ago........

If you remember, this was for my sister in law and she had chosen the sort of colours she wanted. Now, I am not used to using colours like this but I wanted to find an unusual pattern that would keep me interested. It sort of worked! Well I did finish it (eventually)!

I think I like it but my vision is clouded by the relief of having finished and also being really quite fed up with seeing it around the place! I will be happy when it goes to its new home.

Do you want to see some pics?

Believe me when I say that this is not a difficult pattern. If you can do basic crochet stitches and if you can count then you can do this.

The original pattern is here and I just changed the colour combinations to make it a bit different.

Have a lovely week xx