Friday, 26 November 2010

All I want for Christmas is......

Well, Christmas is nearly did that happen? It is the same each year; weeks to go and then all of a sudden it is almost here. Must remember to post overseas cards next week...I have family in South Africa and post seems to take so long to get there. There was a time when I made all my own cards....before motherhood! I still have the book I used.....

It is out of print now but used copies are still available on Amazon. It is full of the most incredible 3D origami creations, all made by cutting and folding white card. When I was a student I had very little money to spend on presents so I used to make fabulous cards and spend a lot of time wrapping gifts and making them look gorgeous and special even if the contents were very humble.

My little S is already really giddy about Christmas and has written his list to Father Christmas.....Lego features heavily!And it got me thinking about a list for me. Those of you with children probably put all your focus and energy into Christmas for the little people; I know I do. I can't remember the last time I actually thought about a list of presents that I would like. it no Christmas wish list....

1. Alice Starmore's book of Fair Isle Knitting

I have wanted this for some time and am almost at the point of buying it when I think that I could buy more yarn with the money!

2. Milk jug by ceramicist Virginia Graham

Either of these would make me very, very happy! They are a lovely combination of elegance, rustic and pastoral. I think they look terribly British!

3. An authentic duffel coat from Gloverall

The original and the best. Very expensive though...

4. A pair of Durbarry Galway boots

Goretex and leather and a lot more stylish than wellies!

5.  A book of textile designs by Henry Moore

Henry Moore Textiles (Published in Association with The Henry Moore Foundation)

My academic background is in art and design history...I am still passionate about both art and design although I no longer work in the arts sector. Despite my knowledge of art and artists, I had no idea that Henry Moore designed textiles. Most people know him as a sculptor.

6. Amber

I love amber. I love the warmth and depth of it. I'm not really a jewellery person, in fact I hardly ever wear it, but I do love a bit of amber.

7. A glass teapot Is there a more beautiful, ephemeral, magical material? Just look at this teapot by Wagenfeld. Magical.

8. Stationery

Who isn't crazy about stationery? Ah the sheer joy of opening a gorgeous new notebook with all its possibilities....these journals are from Ecojot.

9. A pair of sheepskin slippers

Because there is nothing like sheepskin for keeping hands and feet toasty. These are by Wassbring.

10. A 'season' ticket to KZN

I have close family in KZN, South Africa and I miss them. I also absolutely adore the place and right now could do with some sunshine and heat. A season ticket would mean I could go there whenever I wanted!

What is on your wish list?

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Getting there

Hello...bright and sunny morning here in my patch and I am feeling brighter and sunnier too. Did you know it is nearly Christmas? I mean almost Christmas? Yikes! Where did 2010 go? Well I have been preparing. I made my Christmas cake last night, fed it and put it to bed. I will unwrap it and feed it again a few more times before it is decorated by my very excited 7 year old!

This was the yummy dried fruit mix soaking up brandy....mmmmm

And I have actually finished another gift........

Yay! The zig-zag stripe is finally finished. You know I almost ripped this as I just wasn't enjoying the colours...and even up until I did the edging last night I wasn't sure. But I love it! It is cosy and soft and full of colour.

Ooo it feels fantastic to finish something after what seems like an age! Still have more to finish Gretel beret by Ysolda has had to be put on hold until I finish Christmas gifts. I have made some progress and am really enjoying the pattern....

And I have bought myself a little treat to attempt to make some socks!!!

Aren't the colours fab-u-lous?!!!! xxx

Friday, 19 November 2010

Baby stripy granny

I am busy busy busy with presents for Christmas.....and a cable beret for me. Will reveal those later as they are completed. As the weather here is so dank and cold and gloomy, I thought I would show something very cheery. It is a little baby blanket I made over the summer for a friend's first baby. I had just finished my first giant granny stripe and thought the baby granny was a good way of using up the left-over yarn. Granny stripes are so quick to do and this little one took no time at all. Before I knew it it was finished and posted off to Devon for little Lily.

 I knew that the blanket was for a girl baby so that made it easier to select the colours. Whereas the big granny was randomly striped, with this one I wanted hot pink stripes separated by bands of cooler colours. I really like the way it turned out.

As you can see, I took these pics in my garden on a glorious summer day. I remember it being so hot!!! Well, I think little Lily might be glad of this snuggly blanket now.

PS Thank you for your kind comments....I LOVE to get comments xx

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Colour and light

Ooo something to cheer me lovely, talented sister has just posted these photos of my Christmas present. It is a Fair Isle scarf in production and I am so excited about it. She is making it from King Cole pure merino DK yarn. I have used this myself previously and love it. She assures me that the colours are nicer in real life but I think it looks gorgeous anyway. It is lovely to get hand made gifts. I really appreciate that someone has taken the time and trouble to make something just for me.....

I am busy making progress with the zig-zag blanket. I did consider ripping it out but am so pleased I have continued with it. That is the thing about these striped blankets...they don't really 'blossom' until you are quite a way on with it. I think it is starting to look quite lovely now! I hope my mum thinks so as it is for her.

And yes.....started another granny stripe too!!!!!! This one is for me, I think!

Depression is a hard place and those who suffer from it need to find little things that bring colour and light into a dark world. My stripes, my friends and especially my boy and my sister bring those. xxx

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Little things

A week from hell, with one thing and another. Little things have kept my head above water. And also this not so little thing......

This is my gorgeous boy in a fabulous photo taken by his uncle as the two of them played with Lego way past bed-time one evening!

He makes me laugh so much! We had this exchange earlier this evening and I laughed out loud for the first time in days.....

Him: "But anyway, pink is just a colour....why is it isn't really a girl's colour, is it?"
Me: "Would you wear pink?"
Him: "NOOOOOO! Everyone would think I am a girl!"

The difference between theory and practice.......

And putting a smile back on my face.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Goodbye little friend

Mrs Wobble passed away peacefully in her sleep this morning aged 17 years. She died as she lived, causing no fuss or bother. She was gentle and loving and brought lots of happiness. Goodbye little friend.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Ett Hem #2

I'm being lazy with this post. It has been a terrible week. We were burgled (twice), I failed my third driving test and now my lovely old cat is dying. This is to cheer me up a little.

My last post had some images of 19th century Scandinavian design....this one is a bit more up-to-date!

I am absolutely crazy about Northern European design from the 1950s onwards. In particular textiles and fabric designs. I love the colours and patterns and the whimsical subjects........

I love the use of herrings on this cloth!

I can't tell you how much I want this salt pot!!! 

There seems to be a fish thing going on!

More fish!

 Lovely, lovely, lovely!

I think we are getting a really good picture that it is not all stripped floorboards and gingham check! Scandinavian design is vibrant, witty and colourful. I love it!

There are some fantastic sites around where this sort of thing can be bought...but there is also a wealth of modern vintage inspired design such as this....

Finnish Gifts

Hus and Hem

Hus and Hem
Fabric by Kokka
Fabric by Kokka
My wish list just keeps getting longer........