Sunday, 13 March 2011

Cardi fest

Hello lovely ladies!

As you may know, I am a total film addict. I studied film at university and I still love to watch films now. Quite by chance I saw a lovely film on TV last night that, surprisingly, I hadn't seen before. It was called Edge of Love and was a rather romanticised but totally gorgeous study of Dylan Thomas' relationship with his wife and another woman. I loved the look and design of the film but what I really loved was cardi fest......

Keira and Sienna look just fab in exquisite 1940s style knitwear. Check out that mustard cardigan with the leaf design.....gorgeous!!! Actually, the knitwear sort of reminded me of the lovely knitwear designed and made by Ysolda Teague (click here for link). 

Ysolda also demonstrates a real attention to detail in her work. In my mind, her designs have a real link back to the crafts(wo)manship of decades ago whilst still looking very contemporary.....

Pics courtesy of Ysolda Teague

Gorgeous! There are so many talented people around. I can't imagine how one would go about designing a pattern and I have the upmost respect for those who do.

Enjoy your week! xxx


  1. Missed it. Have you seen I Capture The Castle? More vintage cardis for your delectation.

  2. Ooh, I watched that last night too, I was going to record it but then I saw a few minutes and ended up watching the whole film! I loved the clothes too, just wish I could carry them off like Keira and Sienna!

  3. you can't beat a beautiful cardie! I hope to start knitting one day x

  4. Found you via Kate (creative world) lovely blog you have - loved the cardi pics! , and the tea pot hand made from A spot of paint is adorable! My folks lived in Yorkshire during the War, I have heard many lovely stories about it. (they migrated to Australia after the War) cheers Judy

  5. Hi Andrea,

    How interesting to have studied films!
    I have always admired the costumes in that film!! I am going to rent it next time I am at the video store.
    Kate :)

  6. Cant believe I missed that film - sounds an looks great!
    love all the vintage clothes - they look like they're advertising Ctah Kidston or Boden or somthing!
    Love the cardis by Ysolda too, especially that last one - gorgeous!
    Sorry to keep tempting you with books!!
    Glad you're pleased with your Sew Serendipity - dont see why you cant make it in cord as long as you get all the pieces cut the same way on the cloth - ie the nap all one way, else you'll end up with a funny looking skirt! This will take up more fabric so be aware of that - ie you cant jigsaw puzzle the layout - also check the nap is the way you want it on the skirt - you usually have it smoothed downwards as your wearing the garment - else it wont feel nice on.
    have a great day Andrea!

  7. ooh they look so glamourous! and those cables, love them x

  8. Oh, I missed that film. You are right, totally gorgeous cardis!

  9. Oh, fab cardis. Not a big Keira fan, but she can carry period well. I'm thinking that green dress in Atonement. The vintage look gets me every time. An Education is great for that too. C.x

  10. Oh, I'm gonna love your blog ... I am from Yorkshire and I love films too, plus I am creative and love looking at other people's makes. Will be back.

  11. Yes beautiful , isn't it !?
    Indeed lovely patterns in the cardigans.
    And oh Andrea, I'm also a film addict :) x

  12. I am constantly getting inspired by things I see in movies. Constantly! These are gorgeous cardigans, now I MUST see that film.

  13. I love the cardi with the blue birds soo stylish

  14. Hi Andrea! I loved this post! Yes, Ysolda is quite amazing with her knitwear, people who design them blow my mind, because I struggle to knit them let alone design them, knitting is such an amazing thing, it's infinite in it's things to learn!!

  15. Andrea, thanks for the movie recommendation. The sweaters are gorgeous and the detail incredible. I too, love Ysolda's patterns, so much style and detail.


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