Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Giveaway reminder

Last chance to add your name to receive this crochet hook roll ...and maybe some extras....xx


  1. i'm totally loving the hyacinth tulip teapot on your sidebar x

  2. oh, Yes!!! I would love to win your hook role!!! it's beautiful!!!

  3. Hi Andrea, I think I left a comment on your first post about the giveaway, but I'm not taking any chances in missing out on your lovely crochet hook roll - mine sit in a jam jar on my desk!
    That sewing book I mentioned on my post is so inspirational, and with the patterns in the back it really is a must I'm afraid!!!!Sorry to have tempted you, or led you astray or whatever! I think it is quite reasonably priced on amazon at the moment especially if you are prepared to wait a few days for it to get the free postage- i think i checked ebay and they were all far more expensive.
    Have a great evening Andrea
    Gill xx

  4. HI Andrea,
    ooh please count me in for the chance to win this hook role, as you know I love my crochet!!!!
    Cheers Andrea :)
    Kate :)


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