Friday, 5 November 2010

Ett Hem #1

This post is an image-fest of gorgeous stuff from the far North. I love old things....but I am going against a great tide of opinion and foregoing the charms of Cath Kidston and that ilk. What I love is Scandinavian folk art, mixed with a bit of English Arts and Craft and some Rosemaling.  So what does that look like? It looks like this......

Isn't this just stunning?

Scandinavian folk art is full of colour and has a beautiful naive quality! It is typified by its close relationship to nature and especially to flowers and animals. The period I am particularly thinking of is the late 19th century but of course, the folk tradition is as old as the Scandinavian peoples. It embraces Swedish folk art and design, with its stripped wood floors, folk art stencils and beautiful, exuberant floral motifs.......

Look at this gorgeous clock!!!!

It really reminds me of Romany art.........

In Norway, there is the fabulous Rosemaling. Translated as 'rose painting', this form of decorative art derived from the rural areas of Norway and decorates everything from furniture to ceramics to kitchen utensils......

Rosemaling is a very rustic, rural form of decorative art and I love that quality. It is not trying too hard, if you know what I mean. It is happy to be what it is. Beautiful.

There is newer Scandinavian design that I have fallen in love with. But that is another post......


  1. Good morning Andrea,

    thanks for showing pics of these colorful art..

    have a nice weekend , Susie

  2. I like the green bit of furniture.. Would look good in Waslden x

  3. Hi Andrea, just working my way through your blog.

    That first image of the Scandinavian folk art made me think of Wycinanki - a Polish paper cutting craft. This blog has some nice examples

    I've most frequently seen it used as decorations for greetings cards or intricately cut pictures to hang on the wall, but if you Google images for it you'll see all sorts of modern interpretations like fabric prints for clothes.

  4. Then there's the Finnish "ruusumaalaus" - rose painting - just like the Norwegian :-D


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