Friday, 26 November 2010

All I want for Christmas is......

Well, Christmas is nearly did that happen? It is the same each year; weeks to go and then all of a sudden it is almost here. Must remember to post overseas cards next week...I have family in South Africa and post seems to take so long to get there. There was a time when I made all my own cards....before motherhood! I still have the book I used.....

It is out of print now but used copies are still available on Amazon. It is full of the most incredible 3D origami creations, all made by cutting and folding white card. When I was a student I had very little money to spend on presents so I used to make fabulous cards and spend a lot of time wrapping gifts and making them look gorgeous and special even if the contents were very humble.

My little S is already really giddy about Christmas and has written his list to Father Christmas.....Lego features heavily!And it got me thinking about a list for me. Those of you with children probably put all your focus and energy into Christmas for the little people; I know I do. I can't remember the last time I actually thought about a list of presents that I would like. it no Christmas wish list....

1. Alice Starmore's book of Fair Isle Knitting

I have wanted this for some time and am almost at the point of buying it when I think that I could buy more yarn with the money!

2. Milk jug by ceramicist Virginia Graham

Either of these would make me very, very happy! They are a lovely combination of elegance, rustic and pastoral. I think they look terribly British!

3. An authentic duffel coat from Gloverall

The original and the best. Very expensive though...

4. A pair of Durbarry Galway boots

Goretex and leather and a lot more stylish than wellies!

5.  A book of textile designs by Henry Moore

Henry Moore Textiles (Published in Association with The Henry Moore Foundation)

My academic background is in art and design history...I am still passionate about both art and design although I no longer work in the arts sector. Despite my knowledge of art and artists, I had no idea that Henry Moore designed textiles. Most people know him as a sculptor.

6. Amber

I love amber. I love the warmth and depth of it. I'm not really a jewellery person, in fact I hardly ever wear it, but I do love a bit of amber.

7. A glass teapot Is there a more beautiful, ephemeral, magical material? Just look at this teapot by Wagenfeld. Magical.

8. Stationery

Who isn't crazy about stationery? Ah the sheer joy of opening a gorgeous new notebook with all its possibilities....these journals are from Ecojot.

9. A pair of sheepskin slippers

Because there is nothing like sheepskin for keeping hands and feet toasty. These are by Wassbring.

10. A 'season' ticket to KZN

I have close family in KZN, South Africa and I miss them. I also absolutely adore the place and right now could do with some sunshine and heat. A season ticket would mean I could go there whenever I wanted!

What is on your wish list?


  1. Oh what a great wish list! I too want the knitting book...Drool...

  2. I want all of them too,especially the boots.

  3. Yes i'll have some of the things on your wish list! except also a big voucher for my fave wool shops too!!!!!

  4. That's a large list you have written down Andrea !
    And yes indeed amber has a warmth and depth. I find this has an amazing color !!

    OOO and the sheepskin slippers !! For me also a pair please :)

    have a nice weekend , Susie

  5. The Alice Starmore book is top of my wish list on Amazon! And the boots and sheepskin slippers are something I salivate over too! I feel for you being so far from your family in South Africa, my family are all a long way away too, or at least not easily accessible, and I wish it wasn't so. Love Vanessa xxx

  6. Ohh, that Henry Moore book looks cool! Going on my list too! :-)

  7. Beautiful wishlist Andrea, I hope you have been a very good girl this year and if so you might catch-em all...! Thank you so much for your lovely comments on creJJtion, I really appreciate that! Enjoy your coming week,
    love Maaike


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