Sunday, 14 November 2010

Colour and light

Ooo something to cheer me lovely, talented sister has just posted these photos of my Christmas present. It is a Fair Isle scarf in production and I am so excited about it. She is making it from King Cole pure merino DK yarn. I have used this myself previously and love it. She assures me that the colours are nicer in real life but I think it looks gorgeous anyway. It is lovely to get hand made gifts. I really appreciate that someone has taken the time and trouble to make something just for me.....

I am busy making progress with the zig-zag blanket. I did consider ripping it out but am so pleased I have continued with it. That is the thing about these striped blankets...they don't really 'blossom' until you are quite a way on with it. I think it is starting to look quite lovely now! I hope my mum thinks so as it is for her.

And yes.....started another granny stripe too!!!!!! This one is for me, I think!

Depression is a hard place and those who suffer from it need to find little things that bring colour and light into a dark world. My stripes, my friends and especially my boy and my sister bring those. xxx


  1. Indeed Andrea that's assures you that your sister loves you when she uses her the time to create something with her hands, just for you.
    I love the colors of this scarf.

    Yeah there is progress in your blanket !

    I have never done , a granny stripe blanket , maybe ond day i will !

    I wish you strength Andrea !
    hugs , Susie

  2. Hi Andrea, both your Christmas-scarf and the blankets look wonderful! You and your family will enjoy them for sure when finished...

  3. Oh yes - wishing you much comfort from the 'little' things that really are the big things

  4. such beautiful crochet xxx hope the lovely colours are bringing you some happiness. so sorry to hear about your cat xoxo


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