Friday, 19 November 2010

Baby stripy granny

I am busy busy busy with presents for Christmas.....and a cable beret for me. Will reveal those later as they are completed. As the weather here is so dank and cold and gloomy, I thought I would show something very cheery. It is a little baby blanket I made over the summer for a friend's first baby. I had just finished my first giant granny stripe and thought the baby granny was a good way of using up the left-over yarn. Granny stripes are so quick to do and this little one took no time at all. Before I knew it it was finished and posted off to Devon for little Lily.

 I knew that the blanket was for a girl baby so that made it easier to select the colours. Whereas the big granny was randomly striped, with this one I wanted hot pink stripes separated by bands of cooler colours. I really like the way it turned out.

As you can see, I took these pics in my garden on a glorious summer day. I remember it being so hot!!! Well, I think little Lily might be glad of this snuggly blanket now.

PS Thank you for your kind comments....I LOVE to get comments xx


  1. Andrea this is a really lovely blanket you've made for little Lily.
    Nice crocheted !
    Cosy for the little girl with these colors;

    Have a nice weekend , Susie

  2. Your granny stripe blanket is beautiful. I too love colors, makes me smile.
    Oh, and I like your 'Love It' on your blog. Fun!

  3. this is just gorgeous! It will be so loved by it's new baby, and her mum!

  4. Your blanket is truly very cheerful!
    I like granny squares. I've started crocheting a blanket in the summer but I need some time and patience to finish it.

  5. The blanket turned out beautifully.

  6. Hi Andrew, baby blanket, is beautiful.
    Very Nice colors you have chosen:)

    nice to find your blog:)

    have a nice day


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