Saturday, 6 November 2010

Ett Hem #2

I'm being lazy with this post. It has been a terrible week. We were burgled (twice), I failed my third driving test and now my lovely old cat is dying. This is to cheer me up a little.

My last post had some images of 19th century Scandinavian design....this one is a bit more up-to-date!

I am absolutely crazy about Northern European design from the 1950s onwards. In particular textiles and fabric designs. I love the colours and patterns and the whimsical subjects........

I love the use of herrings on this cloth!

I can't tell you how much I want this salt pot!!! 

There seems to be a fish thing going on!

More fish!

 Lovely, lovely, lovely!

I think we are getting a really good picture that it is not all stripped floorboards and gingham check! Scandinavian design is vibrant, witty and colourful. I love it!

There are some fantastic sites around where this sort of thing can be bought...but there is also a wealth of modern vintage inspired design such as this....

Finnish Gifts

Hus and Hem

Hus and Hem
Fabric by Kokka
Fabric by Kokka
My wish list just keeps getting longer........


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