Thursday, 3 February 2011

Being busy


Thank you so much for all your comments about my fabric choice for my first ever quilt. Although I am itching to start it, I first of all need to finish off some crochet and then I have planned to make something small and simple to get to know my much neglected sewing machine.

This is what I am currently working on.....

A friend of my mum is expecting her first baby and so I was asked to make a baby blanket. I decided on this ripple and got the pattern from Lucy's excellent tutorial at Attic 24. The only brief I had was not to make it too girly so I cut out the baby and deeper pinks. I also added a thin white stripe every so often to break up the colours a bit. Pleased with it so far!

And this is something I just love....

I have been admiring the many gorgeous blankets I have come across online that use this particular granny. I decided to make one for myself and just had to make a little sample to see if I liked it. Rather than white, I have chosen a colour called parchment which is rather like a cool, light beige. This seems to make the brightness of the circles just zing out of the square! I love it and every so often I take the little sample out and admire it. Can't wait to finish it! Not looking forward to all the pesky ends though!

Oh and I managed to finish yet another fat granny.....

I have to say that I am getting a bit bored with the granny stripe now (having done four!). I had planned to make one for myself but am making the circle in a square instead.

Happy Thursday! xx


  1. Ooh.... lovely lovely lovely! it makes me want to chuck aside all the boring things I have to do and reach for some lovely colours and my hook! You are a bad influence (please carry on!)

  2. Lovely grannystripes! I wish i would have the aptient to finnish a similar project myself ;-)

  3. I very much like the look of your ripple, the white stripe every so often does seem a good idea. I like even more though your circles in squares blanket, I've seen these around too and yours is lovely - not using a white background is a nice idea. When I evetually finish my african flower blanket I think I'll do a circle in squares one next. (The granny stripe is my least favourite of the three, just because I find the design a little plain - I prefer things a little more curvy!)

  4. My goodness! So much awesomeness in one post! Everything is beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL! That granny stripe is really starting to grow on me. I wasn't always a fan of that pattern before, but seeing yours is making me have blanket envy! Those flower granny squares are going to make a gorgeous blanket too. Can't wait to see the finished product. BTW, I started weaving in the ends of each square as I finish it and it made the whole blanket making process so much nicer!

  5. Andrea, I love the crochet you have done. The fat granny is great, not tried that one, I have been in the middle of a granny square blanket-started AGES ago!

  6. OOOOh lovely colorful projects!! I love the blankets:) the ripple is beautiful...and the circle in a square lovely (can't wait to see it done I am sure it will be gorgeous:))(Very good idea the parchment color I know this color it is really great:)) and the granny stripe soooo fresh !!!
    Thank you for this wonderful post Andrea!
    Have a good evening,

  7. My word, you're a crochet machine! They're all looking fab - I especially like the ripple.

    Keep up the good work; I love your blog

    Claire x

  8. I think the white in your ripple quilt is a great idea. I find these quilts can sometime be very overwhelming colour-wise, but the white works really well to break things up a bit.

  9. so much lovely crochet, i think i want to do a granny stripe one next! getting excited thinking about choosing the wool!

  10. You have been very busy,im jealous

  11. What a gorgeous post! So much beautiful crochet goodness all at once! I can't believe you have made FOUR stripe blankets, you are a machine!
    And I'm loving the sample blanket, I love the parchament colour, it's going to look great... I've been tempted to try making a cushion with similar circles in squares with a stone colour edging them, becuase I love the pop of the colours when the base is lighter, but I can't ge tmy head around using white or nearly white yet! Maybe I'll have another go!
    Oh, and I love your ripple too

  12. What lovely cheerful crochet. I love your ripple and you've reminded me that I have a ripple hibernating somewhere -must get it finished.

    I've just been reading your post on Scandinavian design and have bookmarked the links to online shops you gave. Very very lovely stuff, thank you :o)


  13. What a lovely bright and cheerful post. Love it all, especially the 'circles in squares'. Sooo tempted to start another project now,but must be strong! Penny x

  14. Oh they are all so pretty Andrea... the colours brighten my day!
    Love, Maaike

  15. Hey :) thanks for your comment :) It´s a beautiful blanket you´ve got there!! Lucky baby :)

    I´ve always wanted to make colorful blankets but, ended up with something white, grey, brown or blue :)) Now that I have finished my first, I´m sure there will be a hole lot more :)

    Have a nice evening :)

  16. Lindos e maravilhoso colorido.
    Uma boa semana

  17. Just popped over to say hello :) What a beautiful blog, so colourful..I love your crochet and I spotted Temple Newsam in an earlier post,one of my fave places I used to fly my kite there with my dad when I was little...have a wonderful week :)
    From Jane x x x x x

  18. prachtig!!!!! echt mooi en wat een schitterende kleuren bij elkaar. Ik zag net bij Susie ook al zo'n mooie deken. Hier moet toch echt de nodige uurtjes werk in zitten!! maar het resultaat is dan ook geweldig!!

    Gr. Anda


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