Friday, 18 February 2011

Crochet hook roll

Well lovely ladies, I have finally got around to doing some sewing! It took me a while to learn how to thread the spool and the machine but I was very patient and it eventually all came together. And you know what? I really, really enjoyed it. I had my ironing board and hot iron set up to do the pressing and I took my time. It took me four hours from start to finish, which considering I am not a sewer and I had to reread all the instructions at least twice (and had some serious brain ache in the process, trying to work out whether the fabric should be right or wrong way up!), I don't think is too bad!

Are you ready for a before and after????

This is how my crochet hooks were stored this morning. Hooks just thrown into a case that was too small; no room for scissors; needles precariously stuck in any old how. Not good.

This is how they look now.....

Better? I think so! Is it perfect? Mmmm no! I think I attached the interfacing (don't you just love interfacing???) to the wrong piece of fabric! There are also some interesting angles!! Do I love it? YES! The first thing I have ever made and I am really quite chuffed, despite the mistakes.

I used this excellent tutorial from Today We Made. I'm sure experienced sewers could make this in no time and get a more professional look. 

The fabric is some Sanderson curtain material I already had in my stash. I lined it with a pretty yellow gingham. I even adapted the pattern and added a extra cool is that!

And I used this really nifty tool I had read about on lots of lovely sewing blogs....

It is called a Hera Marker and it scores the fabric rather than having to use a pen or chalk. As I had to make lots of lines, this was really brilliant.

So that is my initiation to the world of sewing and I love it!

Tomorrow I am taking Little S to visit my sister for a few days by the sea. Enjoy your weekend and half-term! xxx

PS The circle in square blanket is growing!


  1. am impressed.....just what i need to have for my hooks....have book marked the link....thats unless you're taking commissions? well done

  2. Congratulations! Your hook case is so pretty and really professional looking. I can´t see any mistakes. A nice weekend to you and yours. Hugs

  3. so many lovely things...I found your blog and i love it...greeeeetings from germany colette

  4. Andrea, what a lovely home for all your hooks and things. Congrats on a job nicely done! I want one now! Have a nice weekend :-)

  5. Well done, it looks great and quite ambitious!
    I also love your crochet.

  6. Love the case and you did a fab job on it!

  7. How absolutely lovely! Great fabric combination and a v clever idea. I have all of two (count them...) crochet hooks, so it'll be awhile before I need one of my own. But I have signed up to sewing classes when I get home so we'll see where that takes me. Well done you. C.x

  8. Very, very stylish home for the hooks! I love the fabric. I wish that I have my hooks in a case like that now they are laying all over the place..


  9. Wow, I wish I could sew .Your blanket is wonderful.Have lovely weekend

  10. Well Done! I wish I could sew ~ but it's one skill that I have yet to master. At the moment I just dump my hooks into my crochet bag and have to rummage around when I need it which is not ideal! Enjoy your trip to the sea :O)x

  11. oh I like your crochet hook cover. So nice and organized in a pretty package.

  12. Wow, great job! Your first sewing project and you're already improvising! That's awesome. Your circle in square blanket is beautiful, too. :)

  13. Wow Andrea , great job you did and that for your first time !!
    I love this creation ! Also nice fabrics en colors !
    Perfect for my hooks ;)
    And hey girl , I don't see any wrong ! It is b-e-a-t-i-f-u-l !

    Lovely time at your sister .... :) bye ..

  14. That crochet hook roll is absolutely brilliant! unbelievable that it was your first time sewing!! good on you.


  15. I think it looks perfect! I'm so jealous. I've got to learn how to use my sewing machine!

    That blanket looks really beautiful too! Can't wait to see that one finished!

  16. It's gorgeous, you clever lady! Well done. I do love a bit of sewing. Welcome to the dark side .... ;o)

  17. LOve the crochet hook roll- fantastic job! The fabrics you choose are really pretty!


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