Friday, 25 February 2011

Half term...and a birthday

Hello ladies!

Little S and I are back from my few days at my sister's home by the sea. Unfortunately, the weather was so awful that we barely ventured out!  Sleet, rain, biting cold....horrid. However, we were very brave and managed to struggle to our favourite local yarn shop....Ring A Rosie in Whitley Bay, where Sis bought me some lovely fabric to add to my stash. It was a lovely few days, playing with the puppy and chatting with Sis about quilting, crochet, knitting etc.

There has been another new arrival in the family........and she kept everyone busy....

She is 6 weeks old and her name is Dolly. I am told she is a Bichon Frise/ Shih Tzu cross and that means she is a tiny little thing! She has woolly hair like a lamb and a very cheeky personality. Dolly and Little S managed to entertain one another! I am not really a dog sort of person but this puppy is just soooo cute! She is like a little teddy bear and I just wanted to bring her home.

As she is so black, it is very tricky to get a photo of her...they nearly all end up showing a black ball of wool! So here are some images I uploaded from the web, including a non-black one so you can see what Dolly looks like under all the wool!

All together now....AWWWWWWWWWWWW

It was my birthday on Wednesday - a BIG one; a SCARY one; a birthday I really would rather have forgotten. Fifty. However, loved ones made it a lovely day.

Litle S is mad about trains and Harry Potter so we went to the Railway Museum in York to see the Hogwarts Express. Not just see it, but ride on it (well on a carriage pulled by it!).

It was so busy - hoards of would-be wizards clamouring to see the engine.

If you haven't been before, and you are in the area, I would really recommend a visit to the Railway Museum. It is full of amazing engines from all ages and parts of the world, as well as lovely old carriages. You don't have to be a train spotter! The museum itself  is free, which makes it a good inexpensive day out, but there is a charge for special events - such as the Hogwarts Express. Thomas the Tank Engine is also a regular!

Sadly, the weather was awful in York too and didn't make for good photos, which is a shame because it is such an amazing place. Everywhere you look there is some incredible old (often seriously old) building with a really interesting history. Perhaps the next time I go I can bring you some good photos. This is a lovely old building that can be seen from one of the bridges. I've got a thing about rooftops!

And then it was home to a little party tea for the three of us and, of course, my cake! Yum!

Enjoy your weekend...and thank you so much for the encouraging comments on my crochet hook roll.....I really appreciate them so much xxx


  1. Oh you must go and look at my blog, I got a shih tzu / bichon frisi puppy at the weekend, he is 10 wks, his name is Dudley. Just a big ball of fluff. Such cute dogs, will be fun to see how they turn out. xx

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to you ~ it sounds like you had a lovely time. Dolly is absolutely adorable ~ she is such a cute little thing. Enjoy your weekend :O)x

  3. CONGRATS on your birthday!!! Seems a great time. And how sweet sweet is Dolly!!! Love her.

  4. I always stop dead in my tracks when I see puppy photos. Little Dolly is so adorable I can't stand it! Happy belated's only a number...I'm almost there myself :-) Have a lovely weekend. xxjosie

  5. Belated birthday wishes to you!
    Well seems like you had a lovely time away even with the bad weather, Dolly is adorable too!

  6. Oh my, I want two of those precious babies!

  7. Happy birthday Andrea. I turned forty this year - the day itself was lovely, but every now and again it brings me up short - I'm forty! Gosh. Know how you feel. But nothing like spending it with family. C.x

  8. Wow you have had an exciting and busy few days!
    Happy 50th!!! Its nice when its out of the way I think, its the approaching of it thats the worst! (I hit 50 last year!And still cant beielive it as i dont feel it!)
    And a gorgeous puppy, she is so very cute and cuddly!!! What fun for your family!
    We have a nearly 14 week old puppy which you've probably seen on my blog, but we got him at 11 weeks so have never seen a puppy quite a tiny as yours.
    Hogwarts Express sounds like a great day out for Harry Potter fans, and sounds like you had a great stay at your sisters!

  9. Hello Andrea and belayed Happy Birthday to you! When you wrote it was a round birthday my first guess was 40 not 50. You really look amazing. The puppys are supercute. That old building looks like from a Harry Potter film too.

    Have a nice weekend.

  10. Wow, how long is the hogwarts train there for!? We love the stories, happy memories of sitting by the fire reading the books with the kids. Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy birthday! Our kids would love to see those trains... someday. Have fun with your puppy.

  12. Your little dolly is your sweet blog. xox Happy birthday

  13. Happy birthday Andrea !
    The little dog is so cute !
    Nice pics !
    Great sunday !

  14. What a gorgeous little dog :)
    I have just discovered your blog and absoloutely love it, I am a keen crocheter and think your work is amazing
    Kate, Tasmania, Australia

  15. A bit late, but Happy Birthday Andrea!


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