Sunday, 3 October 2010

Well here I go

Hello! I started this blog to share some of my passions - crochet in particular. I live and work in West Yorkshire and am lucky enough to inhabit a 200 year old cottage in a small village. I have a young son and so my world is invariably liberally sprinkled with bits of Lego.

The Boy has just recently suffered a really bad eczema attack and so I am in the process of detoxing the house - chucking out all the chemical cleaners and replacing them with the sort of things my great granny would have used....and I'm really enjoying it!

As a starter, something I finished earlier in the year. It's a blanket made from pure wool (so expensive!), but the colours make me feel really happy. I'm mad about crocheting blankets.  After years of being a knitter, I have discovered the joys of  the hook and there is no stopping me!

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  1. I love this blanket and have just discovered your blog and I after years of not crocheting, have just picked it back up again too. Sounds like you live in a very charming place I would love to visit England someday.


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