Tuesday, 26 October 2010

In the raw :: the beginning

I am overweight. About 4 stones overweight. I work full time, have a small son and am exhausted most of the time. I had a blood test recently and have been called to see my GP on Thursday to discuss my cholesterol levels. I can only assume they are high. I am fed up with feeling fat, tired and unhealthy. So I am taking my health into my own hands and am beginning to eat only raw food. I did this about a year ago for a few weeks and felt amazing; I lost weight, had energy, my skin glowed and I found I was waking much earlier than usual but feeling much more refreshed. So why didn't I carry on with it? It is hard to work and then try to sort out a nutritious diet of raw food....at least I found it hard. But I have to find a way because it really made such a dramatic difference to my life in such a short time. I am nudging 50 and don't want to feel like this, or worse, as I get older. So...today is the day!

I am taking inspiration from this book.....

It is by Julie Rodwell and is full of fantastic recipes as well as a wealth of information on the health benefits of eating raw.

I have also found this book incredibly useful....

It is about the advantages of alkaline eating but also about how we are all slowing making ourselves very ill by eating the typical Western diet.

I thought it would be interesting to chart my progress, triumphs and struggles as I try to adapt to a raw diet.

So this is day one! I had half a fresh pineapple for breakfast along with a green smoothie made from spinach, banana, an apple and whizzed up in the blender with filtered water. My son calls this Shrek juice!!!! It is a vivid green and looks very healthy. I love it and usually make extra to take to work with me. I will report back in a week to let you how I've done!


  1. Good luck. Will be interesting to see how it goes.

  2. Wow good for you!!! And I may soon join you! Many years ago I spent the entire summer eating almost nothing but fresh fruits....and I lost 50 lbs! Felt great. then winter came...I needed hot food to keep warm and I was done from there on. I am going to do the Master Cleanse http://themastercleanse.org/ sometime in January and eat mostly raw from there. I have been vegetarian for almost 10 years now. I would SO love to loose 40 lbs! I'd love to hear how the raw diet is going for you!


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