Sunday, 24 April 2011

A visitor in the night....

We had a visitor in the night........

Little S raced out into garden first thing this morning to collect a basketful of chocolate eggs....lucky the Easter Rabbit got out there first and hid them all!!!

It's been a while since I blogged. I seemed to have lost my blogging mojo and just couldn't get it together to post anything. But here I am, still in the canyon and still hooking away. I will post soon on what I am making now.

It has been quite a busy time lately, with half-term holidays and wonderful days out.

We had a fantastic walk in the Yorkshire Dales that took in Scardale Pike (ancient waterfall), Malham Cove and Janet's Foss. Janet's Foss is the most magical place. It is otherworldly and one can imagine water fairies and all kinds of mythical creatures living there.....

My little camera doesn't do the epic scenery of the Dales justice and I didn't even attempt to capture the grandeur of Malham Cove. But if you watch the latest Harry Potter film you will see Malham Cove in all its glory....

It is a 260 feet high cliff of limestone with this amazing limestone pavement at the top. If you are planning a trip to the Yorkshire Dales, do take time out to visit Malham might even see HP there!

A dear friend came yesterday to take Little S and I out for the afternoon. Do you remember my post on Temple Newsam house? Well we returned to visit the gardens this time. Baking sunshine and boy with scooter, ice creams and flowers. Perfect. It really is a magnificent garden and some of the hundreds of rhododendrons were already in bloom...

My friend took me to the walled garden and the glasshouse. Despite many visits, I didn't know these existed and what a wonderful discovery. Prepare for a flower fest....

Friend and I and scooter taken by Little S

There was a fabulous display of primulas. I had no idea there were so many stunning varieties. I am now in love with primulas....

And back out into the walled garden...

However you celebrate, have a very lovely Easter xxx


  1. How lovely.
    Your pictureS are gorgeous.
    Happy Easter

  2. Take your time Andrea, blogging will wait patiently :-)
    Have a very happy Easter,
    love Maaike

  3. welcome back Andrea :-)
    Those glasshouses full of flowers are amazing, and I love the pyramid arrangement of the primulas.
    Happy Easter xx

  4. What a lovely post to return with! We have been malham cove many times but never Janet's Foss, must look that one up, I wonder who Janet was?
    Never been Temple Newsam either, another one for my list!
    Happy Easter-don't eat too much chocolate!

  5. Lovely to see you back! That Janet's Foss looks wonderful. What a magical place. Looking forward to seeing what you're working on now :) Happy Easter!
    Jane x

  6. Looks like you've been busy visiting lots of interesting places this Easter. I'll need to add the Yorkshire Dales onto my list of places to visit, I take it it's not too far from Staithes which you also made me want to visit recently - you should get a job for the tourist board, hehe. Love the auriculas, my Mum has a little collection of these, I think I need bigger plants for my garden though, at least for now anyway, especially ones which help cover weeds. Enjoy the what's left of the holidays,

  7. We've been to the Yorkshire Dales over Easter too, my favourite place. I remember a walk we did with school from Settle to Malham, taking in Malham Cove. We're at Temple Newsam often, we're only down the road from there. Glad that S wasn't disappointed and that there'd been a visit from the Easter bunny.

  8. Need to re-visit the Dales this summer - those photos are so lovely. Your blogging mojo just needed a little rest.

    Glad to see that you are out and about in this gorgeous weather - we seem to be getting one day on one day off as far as sunshine goes - but when the sun beats down it is heaven.

    I hope that you really enjoy the rest of Easter - and that handsome little chap of yours!

    Much love

    Sue x

  9. Great to see you back Andrea! Its a lovely post - love the photos you took on your walk, Janets Foss looks a fantastic place as does the cove.
    Wonderful flowers on yuor trip out - and looks like your son is taking after his Mum taking wonderful photos!
    Its good that you should only blog when you feel like it or when it suits you - i do the same, although its still all too new with me so I want to post regularly. I am just pleased to be able to share whatever you want to share with us when the mood takes you.
    Hope you've had a lovely Easter hol with your family, and happy hooking!!!
    Thanks for visiting me, its always a pleasure to have you!
    Gill xx

  10. I wonder if we were there at the same time? x

  11. It's too lovely weather to play at the pc ;) .. isn't it ?
    Nice photos you've taken Andrea and the flowers are always Beautiful !

    Have a wonderful day , hugs ..

  12. I love the auriculas on the triangular stage - beautiful!
    As for the blogging blank - don't worry, if you feel pressured then it will make you feel worse, just let things happen and come back to it when you are ready :)


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