Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal wedding fun

Good morning all you wedding watchers! I thought I would put together a post of some of the William and Kate memorabilia that is out there.

I think my favourite has to be the William and Kate tea British!

A lot has been said about how they are a modern couple, Royals for the Facebook age. I have an image of them walking down the aisle texting their friends... OMG bet u wish u was here. Will save sum cake 4 u!

Best wishes to Wills and Kate.

However you are spending the day, enjoy!!! xxx


  1. I LOVE the teabags... very clever idea x

  2. Felicidades por la boda real. Los recuerdos son muy divertidos.

  3. Loving those teabags as well. Not too sure about that pizza!
    I'm at work, but i'm checking out the net for photos every 15 min. or so. :)

  4. Love the pizza! I just finished watching it here in the wonderful for them!

  5. I think the little Duplo type figures are sweet.

    I want to watch it all over again now. We Brits throw a good DO when we try don't we.

    Sue xx

  6. Great teabags,Andrea i love your shoes you are wearing whilst crocheting your granny square.I have made one of those in the past and it really does fly off the hook.Hope you enjoyed the wedding.

  7. I've been glued to the TV all day. she looked fantastic but I think Pippa stole the show. that dress was soooooo well cut and the figure, well what can I say. Mrs M must be so proud of both her daughters today

  8. he he, love the text message!

  9. I couldn't wait to get home from work today so I could turn on the TV and watch on what ever channel was showing clips from the ceremony. It was truly enchanting. Beautiful couple. I love the little toy coach, too cute!

  10. I love the little set of royals.
    What fun. A magnificent wedding.
    I think the Queen and Duke are amazingly fit.

  11. What an idea, the teabags and the pizza !

    Your blanket looks gorgeous Andrea ! Lovely colors !

    Have a nice day ! xx

  12. Hi Andrea,
    What a great royal post, I love seeing all the things you can get as over here in Australia we dont have all that memorabillia to buy!
    Kate :)

  13. I think the tea bags are my favourites too.

  14. I like the tea bags best too!
    It was a great wedding wasnt it.
    Thanks for your recent comments Andrea!
    What a great idea to freeze ripe bananas, never thought of that! Having only just made banana bread, was thinking was going to have to make another as i have more way ripe ones - now i shall bung them in the freezer - thanks for the tip!

    Gill xx

  15. Thanks for more banana tips! I used to freeze them for smoothies a few years ago but havent done so for ages! So now i can freeze the overripes for bread or cake, and the "just gone past how we like them" ones for smoothies!
    My daughter freezes whole perfectly ripe ones for a few hours, then dollops ice cream and choc sauce on them for a dessert - they are rather yummy!

  16. The tea bags are hilarious! I think they should only be used in an office or another public space so you can show off your tea-cup-jacuzzi to everyone ;) I was adamant that I wasn't phased by the RW but I spent the entire ceremony glued to the screen whilst messaging my friends back in SA as we compared notes on how beautiful the dress and the Abbey were, how the ring didn't fit, and how it was the perfect combination of pomp and grandeur!


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