Saturday, 2 April 2011

Another award!

Hello and thank you so, so much for the lovely comments you left about the jewel blanket. It is fantastic to have such positive feedback; I really appreciate it!

I have received another award from the very lovely lady at Tales from Cuckoo Land. Thank you so much!!!

I am passing this on to .....

These lovely ladies of the canyon are creating beautiful things to share - as are you all xx

Spring has finally sprung in my village. We are very lucky to have a Parish Council that has filled the village with flowers...

The village is filled with these lovely old stone houses....

And we have a ford, which eventually flows through the bottom of our garden..

Up the hill to home...

And I HAD to show you this because I am stupidly proud of it. I have never managed to make a cake of this depth before. It is huge! It is a coffee and walnut cake filled and covered with coffee butter icing. And yes, it did taste as good as it looks!!!

This is the recipe...

Enjoy your weekend xxx


  1. Well done Andrea! Richly deserved. You live in such a lovely village. Oh and that cake! Just like and old-fashioned cake should be. Can almost taste it from here. Hope you're having a lovely weekend. C.x

  2. Thank you very much for thinking of us. We really appreciate it. Mmmmm, coffee and walnut is my favourite! Laura x

  3. Wow....those stone buildings & daffodils are just gorgeous! And that cake......YUM! Is there a possibility that you could share the recipe?

  4. Miammmm Andrea, please can you send me a piece of this delicious cake? ;) hehe
    and congrats for the award!
    Have a beautiful we,

  5. Thanks for the award! That cake looks so yummy. Just had lunch but i'm getting hungry all over again just by looking at that picture. ;)

  6. Only this morning I said I would make a coffee and walnut cake for my daughter and her family....

    ...I've already downloaded the recipe...

  7. Love the pics of your village. Glad to see spring has sprung in your part of the world. The daffodils are spectacular there. Congratulations on the award and to those you've passed it on to! P.S. save me a piece of cake please...

  8. Congratulations on the award, I will follow the links and check out your nominees. What a pretty little village, I'm wondering if I know it with it being in West Yorkshire, but I don't think so. Your cake looks delicious, so much better than anything you could buy in a shop, I bet it doesn't last long, it wouldn't here!

  9. I like the pictures of your village - I just love seeing where people stay both inside and out.
    The cake LOOKS delicious but I'm afraid I'll not be trying it - not a coffee fan sadly.
    Off to have a little look at your links now, always nice to dicover some new blogs. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    PS Thank you for the blanket link, I've purposely not downloaded it yet as I am trying hard to finish my african flower blanket before starting any new project...

  10. Mmmmmm, coffee and walnut cake is my favourite.

  11. Ooh what a cake!! I am very impressed - is the kettle on?

  12. Thank you fo showiing us your village. We are in Autumn here.
    Your cake looks fab. Well done.

  13. Yummy cake and perfect for this time of the year - we are just picking our walnuts.

  14. You're sweet to pass on the award to me, thank you so very much, Andrea! That's a serious cake...I know I could eat it in one sitting. Lovely photos of your lovely neighborhood. Always a pleasure to visit you...xJosie

  15. Your jewel blanket is gorgeous! And now I want to be able to reach into the screen, grab that cake and run...

  16. Thank you so much for passing on the award to me, Andrea! :)
    PS the cake looks delicious - my favourite!

  17. Congrats with your award Andrea !
    Lovely pics of your village and your little fellow.

    Your cake looks delicious...mmmm...
    Is there left over ? Where do you live ?
    Yes please coffee is good with my piece , thank you ! :)

    Have a nice day !

  18. Thank you so much for passing on the award Andrea. Really appreciate it. That coffee and walnut cake looks too good to be true. I can't remember the last time I made coffee and walnut, must get the ingredients in. x

  19. What a lovely village Andrea - I love all the stone houses, it gives a place character doesn't it.

    As for the cake Yummo - West Yorkshire isn't too far from here, get the kettle on!

  20. Oh my word! That cake is luscious (is that spelt right?). Oh how I loathe being on a diet or I'd be following the link and enjoying an afternoon baking.


  21. Well Done on receiving another award Andrea!!! Very well deserved!!
    Love seeing the pics of your village - don't blame you for feeling proud, it looks lovely and well kept, beautiful daffs by the path and roadside, and lovely houses.Ddint know there were still fords around - I remember there used to be a few in our area years ago but they've all gone now - roads built over etc, such a shame.
    Your cake looks magnificent and yummy - bet you all enjoyed that!!Will take a look at that recipe methinks as I love a coffee cake - wonder if pecans would work, have just bought a large bag of them.
    Gill xx

  22. Yummy cake, your village looks like the perfect place to live

  23. Andrea

    I am so so sorry the last couple of days have gone in a bit of a whizz - family stuff!! not the good sort either. I am overcome that you have put forward my blog. I am so touched - what a lovely thing to do, it made me go all silly.

    Thank you you are a sweetie. xx I have only just properly read your comment - and I thought "something for you on my blog" - she must have posted a list of places you can buy material!!

    Thank you again.

  24. Andrea, you are so lucky to live surrounded by all that history. Just beautiful! I think you did a wonderful job on your blanket, it really shines like the jewels!

  25. Thank you for letting me know Stylecraft washes well, I shall get going and possibly finish something at last!

    Oh this blog world is no good for my greedy nature, i'm now coveting your jewel blanket. I've been popping back now and again to take a peek, and to laugh at the helmet for men photo. Can I use that photo in a blog post I have up my sleeve, i'll link back to you. I have been given a hilarious pattern book from the 70's with very amusing photo's and wording. You'll love it! xxx

  26. Your village looks lovely! It's my little dream to live in a village like that...
    And I have to try that cake this weekend.

  27. OMG that looks yammy !! well done : ))

  28. ooh me, thanks ! and wow that cake looks incredible xxx


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