Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Here come the girls!

Hello crafty ladies!
First of all I would like to extend a huge thank you to all you lovelies who left such warm and encouraging comments on my last post - much appreciated!
Secondly, I have been crafting madly and have something to show for it. I have quite a stash of vintage fabrics and I have some gorgeous little girls in my family. Add them together and you get an idea I had for some cloth dollies. As you may know, I love cloth dolls of all shapes and sizes and yet I have never made one before. Soooo, I did lots of research and had some ideas and came up with these girls....

I got ideas from various doll makers online but ultimately just made my own pattern from a sketch and then embroidered the faces freehand so they just evolved! (To be honest, I think one of these dollies is a bit of an ugly sister but hey, it is the beauty within that counts so she is staying!).
I sewed the dolls by hand and it was pretty quick really. The hair took AGES though (which is why I am not keen on beheading 'homely' dolly and giving her a make-over). I have pulled at the hair all over to ensure that it is pretty much little-girl-proof.
The boy was quite impressed despite them not being made of Lego. He named the one above (with the Scandinavian look) Lizzie, which I think suits her just fine. She is going all the way to South Africa where I hope she will be much loved and played with. I got a sneaking feeling that the boy quite wanted to keep her but then he manned up and asked for a Boy Scout doll!!!
Anyway, I have been enjoying all your lovely Christmassy posts and will be back soon, hopefully with something to show. If not, then that is ok too!
Have a lovely week xxx

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