Friday, 30 January 2015

Is anybody there?

It has been a long time and much has happened...some good, some pretty awful. But I just had an urge to blog today. I have looked at this blog from time to time and feelings have moved from stress at not being able to blog to nostalgia and a yearning to be part of this little crafty blogging community again.

I don't even have much to show you for I have been quite ill and this time my crafts couldn't save me. But I will tell all in time.

I hope all you crafty ladies are happy and healthy and full of wondrous creativity, as you were when I left.


  1. hello, smiles and waves excitedly to see you. sorry you've had a tough time and hoping that times and health are improving xxx

  2. Why hello! thank you for your comment..lovely to see old friends again x

  3. Hello, lovely to "see" you again. I hope all is now well. I've not much time for posting or crafting these days (I'm now an NQT), but I still like to read the blogs on my list. Welcome back!

    1. And hello to you too! Well done on teaching! I don't suppose I'll be blogging as much as I used to but lovely to be back :)

  4. Oh, I am so happy to see your post here!
    You are so very talented, I love your creative works of art. I mean it, that is what they are.
    I am sorry that you have been ill. Tell us about it when you are ready.
    Wishing you the best! xx

  5. Nice to see you back. Blog when you want....we all rush, no pressure. x

  6. How lovely to see you back in blog land, have thought of you and wondered if all was ok, sorry to hear you've been ill, do hope things are improving now. Lots of good wishes coming your way xx

  7. I hope you are better now and hope to see you here more often...

  8. Welcome Back - lovely to see you, I hope your health is improving, we all look forward to sharing when you feel readyxx

  9. I read Cozy Things blog and you are on her list which I go through all the blogs listed. So I hope you will be able to let us all know how things are going for you. You are very talented. I hope you will write more.

  10. Hi, just wanted to say how much I miss your blog .hope you are okay.hugs

  11. So sorry to hear you've been ill Andrea, I hope a year on finds you in much better health.Sadly many of the crafty bloggers that were around a few years back have stopped posting and moved to IG, but there are still some good ones out there.
    Hoping you find the urge to pick up blogging again, keep well and take care
    Gill xx

  12. Hello, I went by to say hello, since I've been disconnected from everything for a long time. As always I love your work. That I still think that they are not chapucillas, but great works. A kiss.


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