Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Elephant pillow

Hello dear ladies!

I hope this post finds you all well and, if you are in the Northern hemisphere, enjoying the last of the summer.

I always find this time of year a bit difficult...the threshers are out in the field next to my house and that always signals summer coming to an end :( The mornings and evenings are feeling cooler even though the sun, when it is out (!) is still very hot.

Anyway, I promised you some crochet...so here we are!

This is a really quick little pillow I made out of some Aran weight cotton from my stash.

He was meant to be unadorned but that just wouldn't do, so I added a little flower...

 I love how his trunk curls up a little!

The pattern for this little chap is here

The Nordic blanket is coming on well and I am also making another soft toy...oh and a baby quilt!!! Arrrggghhhh

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my last post! I had such fun doing it and glad you enjoyed it.

I am taking the boy to visit my sister by the sea and we are looking forward to that.
Then back home for new school shoes, haircut and getting ready for Year 4!!!!
Enjoy your week xxx


  1. Oh I love it. Sooo cute. My dd is also starting year 4! How time flies hey?

  2. Crochet with Raymond23 August 2011 at 20:56

    I was going to call the elephant he but he has a pink flower so I'm not sure... buying into gender specifics here! SO CUTE! He will be well loved XXXXX

  3. Hurray, you're back! And with such lovely crafty business too. Enjoy the seaside and the last of the Summer. Cx

  4. love that little face and flower :)

  5. Very cute! Definitely benefits from a little flowery-ness! And I know what you mean about the time of year - I looked out of the window at 8.15 tonight and it was pretty much dark, not a big fan of long dark evenings :-( Enjoy your trip to the sea x

  6. Just saved the pattern! Thanks so much for sharing. This is so cute! Your decision to add a posy was excellent. ;-)

  7. Love your ellie pillow! Too cute.

  8. Very cute pillow dear Andrea ! Thank you for linking to the pattern...

  9. Wow! This is so cute! I love elephants and I will try to do one myself. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Real cutie pillow, lovely idea for ***** pressies, refuse to put the "C" word in, I love her she's gorgeous :D
    Karen x

  11. The flower totally makes it! So cute! I always think I wont have the patience to make cute little animal things, but I always love looking at other people's efforts. I for one, am SO looking forward to the coming of Autumn. It's been a loooooong HOT, DRY summer here in Texas.

  12. What a lovely pillow! It looks like the ideal snuggly friend to have around on a wintery day :) well done! x

  13. You really do have the cutest ever blog ! Love that pillow :) Now following xx Ava

  14. What a gorgeous pillow. Hope you're enjoying your time by the sea, lovely and relaxing before school starts again.

  15. Hello,
    I will follow your blog

    your elephant is fantastic

    Greetings Mimi

  16. What a lovely elephant pillow!

    Greetings, Beertje Zonn

  17. No self respecting elephant worth her trunk can go about life without a flower on her bottom. I speak from experience.


  18. this is sooo cute!!!!
    I've just discovered your blog and now...I'm a new follower!!!


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