Monday, 4 July 2011

New to me :: Frills and Spills

Hello dear ladies - thank you for your lovely comments on the little kimono. I do hope some of you give it a try as it is super simple and very satisfying to do (all in one piece too!).

I often come across blogs that are just really lovey and I want to share them so I thought I would start a regular feature called New to Me that would introduce bloggy loveliness to all my lovely friends here.

The first one is Frills and Spills.....

Jasmine is a busy mum of two and student from Adelaide, Australia who makes beautiful crochet and yummy food.....(I don't know how she finds the time!!!!)

Do visit and admire her gorgeous hookiness...



  1. What a good idea. I love finding new blogs so I shall pop over to Frills and Spills when I get chance.

  2. Olá, very nice !! I love it!

    have a good week.*

  3. What a lovely idea Andrea.
    I'm sure that cake tastes delicious.
    How are you feeling ?

  4. I will tootle over and have a peek, how are you now, are you recovering well, this lovely sun helps doesn't it.

  5. Hope you're feeling better,,,thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment.
    What a brilliant idea you have, I shall be nipping over in 2 ticks
    Take care

  6. Hi Andrea,
    This sounds like fun. I'll pop over and have a look. Hope you are feeling better.

  7. Oh yes - always nice to have some new places to visit

  8. Thanks for sharing this blog--just added it to my read list. Love it!

  9. awww what a lovely idea, thank you i will pop over and have a look. dee x

  10. Andrea,
    what a beautiful kimono, i wish i had a little one to make things for.

  11. Hi Andrea :) Thanks so much for visiting my blog and featuring it on yours. Isn't blogland a wonderful place!
    I'll be visiting back here often - your work is lovely.

    Jasmine :)

  12. So excited to find your blog - what lovely colors and incredible pictures you have. I am so excited to try your crochet hearts!! Thank you!!!

  13. Oh what a good idea this regular feature is. I'm going to pop over there now I have caught up with you. Love the kimono I have several god daughters who'd look super in that. Actually I think my little baby might look quite cute too. It looks like it's a quick project too, yes? She asks hopefully!!



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