Sunday, 15 May 2011

A beautiful little something

A little while ago Hawthorn took part in the Pay it Forward give away and I was lucky enough to receive this.....

 Beautifully wrapped...

 Beautifully made......

 Little pincushion!

It has a daisy motif on the top and Hawthorn has embroidered a daisy and the words Lazy Daisy around the sides. I don't know how she has found the time to do this as she is very busy putting blankets together for the children of the Japanese disaster.

Thank you Hawthorn! I am thrilled with my lovely little pincushion! xx

As part of the deal, I will give away one of these crocheted book marks to the first five lovely people who leave a comment on this post. They in turn will spread the love by gifting five people with a little something.....

Edited: The pattern for the bookmark can be found here

Enjoy your Sunday xxx


  1. What a sweet pincushion, I love the idea of a pay-it-forward and would love to join in, your bookmarks are delightful. : )

  2. How beautiful.
    I love the pin cushion. You must have been so happy to unwrap it.
    Love the bookmarks.

  3. You just knew I would be in there somewhere didn't you. Your pin cushion is so sweet - as for those bookmarks I have so many books!!!

  4. I love the "paying it forward" idea - I'd love to share my stuff too! Love the bookmarks :)

  5. what a lovely pincushion, and those crocheted flowers are divine :) they are just so sweet to look at and the bright colours really make me smile as we have just started into our winter here in Australia
    Kate :)

  6. Is the flower bookmark pattern somewhere on the internet? Would love to give them ago. they would make such a lovely gift for book readers.
    Loving your blog. Born in the UK here but live in New Zealand!

  7. Hi Lindy....the free pattern can be found here

    I forgot to put it on the post but have added it now xx

  8. Lovely pincushion, and very happy bookmarks! I made book marks using the little heart pattern and added a tail. :)

  9. What a lovely pincushion and the book marks are so pretty.

  10. Andrea, those bookmarks are so adorable.What a wonderful idea they would make a lovely gift for booklovers.I love your recent blanket.


    My post about getting your cute bookmark! I'll be putting it to use in no time!


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