Friday, 3 December 2010

It's coming!

Yes, Christmas is certainly coming and seeing Christmas ads on TV or seeing deocrations up doesn't seem too riduculously early now. We don't put up our decorations until the week before the big day so that has given me time to make some decorations.....

I found the pattern for this little Father Christmas on the Lion Brand site. It was super quick to make and I think it is very cute!

I also found this on the same site....

This took a little longer to make but it was a very easy pattern. A great stash buster for some camel coloured yarn I was never going to use!

Little S joined in too......

This was courtesy of Lego! He is a whizz with Lego and comes up with all sorts of wonderful things.

I am also making some of Lucy's absolutely fabulous tree decorations. You can visit the Attic24 site by clicking HERE. Go on over and drool over what she has created!

Like a lot of other people, my garden is still full of snow and it isn't budging despite glorious sunshine today.

And then, while I was out I saw this and realised that Mother Nature makes the best decorations of all....

Stay cosy! xxx


  1. we've still got loads of snow & have been stuck at home for another lovely day snuggling up, i just love the little santa, so sweet, will have to check that pattern out, trouble is my 'want to make list' is way too long!

  2. Apples and Pears3 December 2010 at 14:42

    I know what you mean Kelly - think I will need to start crafting for next Christmas in January! Andrea x

  3. Santa and reindeer are adorable. And I smile at the Lego creation. My boys are teenagers now, but they LOVED their Legos. We still have our huge bin-full that we can't quite seem to let go of. Enjoy your holiday crafting. xx Josie

  4. That little Rudolph is so cute! And those red berries cum icycles is beautiful. But most I want to reach into my computer and drag out that gorgeous zigzagging blanket you crocheted! It exudes warmth and fireside comfyness, and white winter spells might feel more welcome. How long did it take you to crochet it?
    Thanks for popping in at mine!

  5. That santa is so-oo cute! I have also been drooling over Lucy's decorations and just wish I had more time, never mind :)

  6. Apples and Pears3 December 2010 at 16:01

    Hi Marjojo - It is hard to say how long the blanket took..not long really in the scheme of things. Maybe a month of evening crochet, and that includes the edging. I didn't follow a pattern but I found one online that is the same ripple. It is by Susan B and it can be found here...

    I hope to see some photos of your zig-zag blanket in due course! Andrea xx

  7. Cute, cute creations and wonderful photos!

  8. Expecting a santa in the post sis


  9. Hello!

    The reindeer is really sweet! I also like Santa and now, when I saw yours I am really excited to make one myself

    Your blog is beautiful, I love the pictures on the side

    Best wishes/Ann from Sweden

  10. Ohh, i just fell in love with that raindeer.... sooo cute!
    Wonderful winter pictures!

  11. Oh it's racing up on us now! Love the Father Christmases and all that snow - we've hardly had any here - which is both good and a little sad as far as I'm concerned! Your photos of the big freeze are beautiful

  12. What a lovely post full of gorgous things. I love your crafty decorations and mother nature's arn't too bad either!

  13. Mother nature makes the most amazing things, your santa is so cute

  14. Oooh your crochet Father Christmas and Rudolph are adorable!!

  15. Oh-oh-oh Andrea, your Santa and Rudolph are so cute !!
    And nice work of your little boy :) My grandson makes also incredable things with his Lego.
    Beautiful pictures taken, wauw !!

    Have a warm sunday , Susie

  16. Love the Santa decoration, I'm going to try and find the pattern and see if my crochet skills are up to it. Also loving seeing everybody's snow pictures, yours are lovely.

  17. Apples and Pears6 December 2010 at 09:35

    Hi Andamento - the pattern for the little Santa can be found here....

  18. Hi Andrea, thank you so much for your lovely comments on creJJtion. This little Santa and Rudolph are absolutely wonderful! Is Rudolph from Lion Brand as well? Will definately see if I can make one myself...
    Love, Maaike

  19. Thank you for sending me the pattern-link right away!

  20. Hello Andrea,
    Your Santa and Rudolph are very cute:) Love them!
    Thank you for passing by my blog;)

  21. Oh the reindeer is soooo cute!

  22. Wow, all those icicles! they are just beautiful! Mother Nature is soooooo amazing....
    Love your santa! he is super cute!

  23. nice:)

    mvg saramshobby.

  24. Love those lovely crochet decorations, what a cute santa! Thanks for visiting Planet Penny, I'm looking forward to exploring your blog, Penny x


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